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Company Update - Rebrand Complete - AreTheyHappy is now GuestXM
Company Update - Rebrand Complete - AreTheyHappy is now GuestXM

c. 1 May 2023

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To our Valued Clients

We hope this message finds you and your team doing well.
We wanted to give you an update on the progress of our rebrand efforts from AreTheyHappy to GuestXM. - Link to Previous Company Update

Rebrand Complete
We are happy to inform you that our rebranding process is now complete. You would have noticed some changes such as a new name, updated colors, updated references in the support channel, and some feature extensions. Behind the scenes, there have also been big improvements to the infrastructure and security supporting the platform.

Having said all this, we want to reassure you that the core functionality remains the same, and the team's commitment to providing innovative solutions, excellent support, and fostering growth remain steadfast. We are also joined by new joiners from our parent company, who will extend the same care for you and your business.

Over the next weeks, we will monitor the changes that we have rolled out, and welcome any feedback/suggestions/requests that you may have.

We will continue to work tirelessly to support your business and its unique guest experience needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We note that we have also already reached out to the primary contacts for your company/team to ensure that any queries are answered. :)
Thank you for your continued trust and partnership during this transition. We appreciate our partnership with you under our new name, GuestXM.

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