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Feedback on Company and Location Insights
Feedback on Company and Location Insights
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Feedback items that you manually added to your GuestXM inbox will also be displayed to your Insights pages.

Company Insights

Your company Score and NPS will include all feedback items manually added to GuestXM. 

On the Location Overview section of the Company Insights, a new column will be available for Feedback. The Feedback column shows the cumulative score of all feedback items for your company. 

You can also select Feedback under the review channel dropdown to view a deeper look at all feedback items for your locations. 

Location Insights

Individual locations' insights pages will show Feedback as an integration type on the Total Ratings to Date section. 

This shows the cumulative rating of all Feedback items for a location.

The Reputation Statistics section also makes Feedback available on the integrations dropdown. This section shows the average rating per day/week/month, number of reviews, and positive/negative sentiment count for Feedback items based on the selected period. 

Tagging Insights

Insights data for all Feedback items tagged will be displayed. The Tag Deep Dive section gives you a preview of the Feedback items filtered by the specific tags used. 

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