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Can I edit or delete manually added Feedback items?
Can I edit or delete manually added Feedback items?
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Once you have manually added Feedback items to your GuestXM inbox, they will be displayed and treated as regular inbox items. The ratings for each feedback will be calculated into your company and location scores. 

To edit manually added Feedback, you first must ensure that you have the necessary permissions to perform these actions. 

Navigate to the Users & Rights page (if you have access to it), click on your account from the list then click the Permissions tab.  Scroll down the list of permissions and expand the Feedback permissions group. 

If you do not have the Create & Edit, and Delete Feedback permissions, contact your company's administrator to make the necessary changes. 

To edit a Feedback, go to the Inbox, then search for the specific feedback item you want to edit. Click it on the inbox items list to view its details. Click the ellipsis on the upper right corner of the feedback, then click Edit.

This will open the Edit Feedback sidebar panel where you can change any field associated to the feedback.

Once done, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. 

Note: changes to the Rating, Location and Date & Time fields will affect your company and location's insights. The insights changes will not be applied immediately but will be done so in the following hour after you have made the changes. 

To Delete a Feedback, view the item on the inbox, open the action menu by clicking the ellipsis. Then click Delete from the action menu.

A delete confirmation modal will appear to make sure you do not delete messages you are not meant to delete. Removing a Feedback is an irreversible process and, like editing a feedback, changes will affect your company and location's insights. 

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