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How to manually add Feedback
How to manually add Feedback
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You can add feedback from your customers that you receive outside the online review platforms (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.) to your GuestXM location inboxes. 

These reviews are the ones that you potentially get from emails or phone calls directly from customers, feedback forms on paper that you may be giving out to your patrons, or face-to-face, verbal complement (or complaint). 

Note: before you start adding feedback manually to GuestXM, you first need to make sure that you have the necessary permissions to access this feature. Simply reach us through the Intercom chat on the lower-right side of your screen. 

Now that you have your manual feedback and the right permissions to add them to your inbox, we can now start encoding them to your locations. 

First, navigate to your GuestXM Inbox. Then click on the "+" button beside your location name on your inbox sidebar (just below the inbox folders and smart folders). 

Then the Add Feedback sidebar will appear on the right side of the inbox. You can now fill out the form with the details of the customer feedback you want to create.

What type of information can I add to Feedback? 

Here is the list of information that will be attached to each feedback:

  1. Rating - we use a 1-5 star rating for all manually added feedback items. 

  2. Comment - enter the customer's exact words (or a paraphrased version) to give context to the rating provided on the feedback. The more descriptive it is, the easier it will be for the responsible personnel to respond to the customer. You can type up to 2048 characters.

  3. Type - this is an field internal to GuestXM. The options are Compliment, Complaint, and Request. This helps you to filter feedback items on your inbox. 

  4. Feedback Channel - denotes the way you received the feedback from your customer. The options are Phone, Email, Feedback Form, Face to Face, Guestbook, Other. 

  5. Employee (optional) - the name/s of employee/s that the feedback item is linked to. Ex: a complaint by a customer is submitted towards the staff member, John Williams. 

  6. Date & Time - the timestamp of the customer's visit. This timestamp will be saved as the feedback's created date. You can only select past dates for this field. 

  7. Customer Contact Details (optional) - Customer Name, Email, Phone. These information will be useful for contacting the customer that submitted the feedback.

  8. Attachments (optional) - you can upload a maximum of 3 images to a feedback. You could attach a screenshot of the customer's email or an image of a feedback form. 

Once you have added a feedback manually, a new inbox item will be available containing all of the information you provided.

Note that the feedback item's Original date (Mar 7, 2020) is the same one that you entered on the feedback form.  The timestamp when you added the feedback to GuestXM is saved as the Updated Timestamp

Now that you have added a customer's feedback manually, you can now add tags, assign to a team member, or mark as complete as you would a regular GuestXM inbox item.

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