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How do Smart Folders Work?
How do Smart Folders Work?
What is a smart folder? What can I do with a smart folder? How can it help me "batch" work and be more efficient?
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Hi there! This article explains what Smart Folders are and how you can save time by "batching your work." 🚀

A Smart Folder is not a "folder per se" but a saved "search" or  saved "filter." You can edit rules, combine messages from different locations and even invite colleagues to collaborate. 🙌

The goal is to automatically organise your Inbox into manageable themes or "batches" so that you can power through your work, i.e. read, respond, tag, complete items and assign team tasks, in a highly-focused and efficient way.

This short video below shows you how you can create, edit, rename and delete a Smart Folder. You can invite others to collaborate with you.

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  • It is for the busy marketer, customer engagement manager, ops, front line team members or owners who wants to organize their Inbox in a system that organizes their data to give them oversight and focus.

  • It is for companies with more than 1 concept or location who wants to reorganize their feedback in a way that aligns with their priorities; and

  • similarly, it is for for franchises, and chains.


1. In your inbox, click the bright green +Add Smart Folder button.

2. Name the folder.

3. Decide on the following filters: message type, social channel(s), and locations. Examples:

  • Message Types, i.e. put "All Reviews" in one folder, or put "All Social Media" or "All Direct Messages" in one folder

  • Sentiment, i.e. put all *1, 2 and 3 star reviews" in one folder

  • Replied Status, i.e. put all messages that are "Not yet replied to" in one folder etc.

  • Locations, i.e. put all bottom performing groups in one folder.

  • The possibilities are endless.

4. The final step invites you to give other users access to your new Smart Folder so that you can collaborate.

5. To rename, edit and delete, hover on your Smart Folder and click the ellipses menu. (See above video for further guidance.)

And that's it!

If you have further questions or any requests, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the your support chat.


The GuestXM Team 🎉

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